Headquartered in Singapore, Genie Solutions had played a pivotal role as one of the StarHub Exclusive Business Partner in promoting Telecommunication Services to the Corporate Clients in Singapore. Together, we work closely with StarHub to reach out to the corporate clients and offer our valuable experience to lead and shape the communications industry.


We are one of the exclusive StarHub Business Partner offering Telecommunication Services to Corporate Clients.

The company’s strength lies in its ability to customise its offerings to meet individual customer demands.

Services we offering are Corporate Mobile Services, Broadband & Internet Services.

For more information, you may also refer to the suite of offerings at StarHub Business Website



NetGain’s has an effective IT monitoring Solution that ensures your business runs smoothly and efficiently.

Enterprise Managers™ is the world’s first intelligent, plug-and-play appliance that pre-emptively monitors IT infrastructure in real-time

  • Quick and easy to deploy, use and maintain
  • Protects against outages with advance warnings about potential disruptions
  • Delivers reliable services to both internal and external customers
  • Reduce downtime and business losses
  • 24×7 performance monitoring of network devices, servers, systems, databases and other IT devices


Cloud VistaTM delivers the entire IT infrastructure monitoring needs an extended business requires.

  • Scale your IT Infrastructure effortlessly
  • Monitors your NetGain Enterprise Managers™
  • One centralised dashboard across multiple office and geographical locations

NetGain Enterprise Manager

Intuitive Menu

Be in control of your monitoring with NetGain Enterprise Manager™ intuitive menu.

Health Status

Live charts to display devices’ latest health statuses.

Simple Setup

Discover devices and set threshold levels in seconds.

Powerful Alerts

Receive immediate alerts when devices cross critical threshold levels.

Cloud Vista

The Cloud VistaTM allows our customer to manage their IT infrastructure of different locations without having to deal with messy VPN setup or having to deal with dynamic IP address issues

Cloud VistaTM can sit on any cloud provider platform or even at your own datacentre and all is needed is a secure static IP address for the Cloud VistaTM platform.

All customers need to do is to deploy the Enterprise ManagerTM at the local infrastructure and link it to the Cloud VistaTM platform with a single IP address. In seconds, customers will have a single dashboard to monitor and manage the various Enterprise ManagersTM installed at various locations.